Points of interest around Schöder, Murau & Murtal

Schöder and the holiday flat Klauber is not only the ideal starting point for your winter or summer holidays. There are many points of interest, historic sites, scenic attractions and sites that will fill up your energy for families, youngsters and elderly people. Enjoy the versatile culture, leisure time activities and local cuisine in the region of Murau in Styria.

In favour of the geographical location in the middle of a border triangle: Styria – Salzburg – Carinthia you can reach different places of interest very fast.

Mountains, lakes, castles and more


At the time of the Roman Empire the Sölkpass was already a trade road over the Alps connecting two valleys of the rivers Mur and Enns during the summer season.

Nowadays it is a mountain pass favoured by numerous motorcyclists that leads through the Sölktaler nature park. Even aside the famous mountain pass there are plenty of hikes, mountain lakes and streams. Always welcome are tourists at the Kreuzer alpine cabin for a stop to enjoy the cuisine.

The Sölkpass mountain pass is opened only during summer season due to weather and snow conditions during winter.


The Augustinerbründl, formerly known as the Augustini-wood-chapel is located directly next to the Sölkpass mountain pass between the Zirben-stream and Katsch-stream.

The spring water is treasured to heal eye complaints and many people take some bottles home or wash their eyes with the spring water directly at the spring.

Günster Waterfall

With its 65 meters height of fall the Günster water fall is the highest waterfall in Styria. Since 1906 it is accessible due to steep tracks and staircases.

The crystal clear water rushes over the primary rocks of the Schladminger Tauern down to the Küsten-stream surrounded by gloomy and mystic spruce-woods.

The waterfall is located between Schöder and Krakaudorf directly at the 9th stage of the hike “Vom Gletscher zum Wein” (“from the glacier to the wine”).

Etrachsee (mountain lake)

The lake is located on a high plateau 1.374 meter above sea level on the south side of the Niedere Tauern in the middle of a nature protection area in the Krakautal.

This picturesque mountain lake has an area of 10.5 hectare and a maximum water depth of 4 meter.

At the alpine cabin of the family Würger you can eat the best roasted trout you ever enjoyed in your life.

Flying Fox am Kreischberg

ver wanted to fly like James Bond? Make it come true at the flying fox at the Kreischberg. A great fun for the whole family! On the rope you float over canyons past rocks and trees cross the wood.

Opening hours: July & August only during fair weather (pre-registration is required) at the Riegler Hütte, Kreischberg

Phone: +43 676 9255675, Outdoor Center Richard Wirnsberger

Murau Castle

Ulrich von Lichtenstein also known as minnesinger built the castle at the Murauer hill around 1232. Since 1670 the castle is privately owned by the family Schwarzenberg.

Guides are only possible during opening hours.

From June till September every Wednesday and Friday at 02:00 pm
Phone: +43 3532 230258

Steam slow train Murtalbahn

Since 125 years the Murtal slow train connects Murau with the Salzburger district Lungau. With a length of 65 kilometres the steam slow train runs from Unzmarkt to Tamsweg in the middle of very romantic scenery at the upper course of the river Mur – do not miss it!


Further Information: Travel agency Murau
8850 Murau, Bahnhofviertel 4a
Phone: +43 3532 2233

Brewery Murau & brewery museum

This brewery appeals to all of your senses: distillery - open to the public, brewery museum, beer cellar, ecology room and shop.
Experience the over 500 years of brewing history of the local Murau brewery in the museum and explore the raw materials that are used for brewing in addition with a careful handling of nature.

8850 Murau, Raffaltplatz 19-23
Phone: +43 3532 32669

Museum of trade in Murau

The museum of trade is situated in a former Capuchin abbey and exhibits an archive of historic knowledge in the course of the permanent exhibition. Aside this ancient workshop can be visited and further special exhibitions and lectures take place.

8850 Murau, Grazerstraße 19
Phone: +43 3532 2720

Timber museum Murau

One of the most outstanding museum in terms of timber. Look at the amazing past and future of timber at the same time: play with wood and tinker with wood. Learn more about the relation between timber and energy, timber and art and much more.

8862 St. Ruprecht ob Murau, Hans Edler Platz 1
Phone: +43 3534 2202

Health Workshop Stolzalpe

In one of the oldest buildings of the Stolzalpe - the so called farmhouse “Hillberger” - a health workshop is housed – a Europe-wide rarity.
Go on a journey and travel from the medicine of the past to the medicine of the present.

8850 Murau, Stolzalpe 38
Phone: +43 3532 2424 5870

Nocky Flitzer

Alpine coaster “Nocky Flitzer” offers unique enjoyment for young and old as they go whizzing down the mountain! Located at the Turracher Höhe you can enjoy the ride on this coaster summer and winter alike – a highlight for the whole family!
Another highlight at the Turracher Höhe: Fixed rope route “Hoher Steg”

Opening hours: find more information online Nocky Flitzer

Contakt: 8864 Turracher Höhe
Phone: +43 4275 82520

Moosham Castle

35 kilometres away from Murau you will detect this castle in the region of Lungau. Originally owned by the lord of the caste Moosheim with a documentary proof dated in the year of 1191 this aged castle is nowadays privately owned by the family Wilczek.

The museum in the castle can only be visited during guided tours.

5585 Unternberg, Moosham 13
Phone: +43 6476 305

Mauterndorf Castle

Situated in the region of Lungau/Salzburg too you can explore the Mauterndorf Castle. According to written records a Roman fort stood on this site even at 326 anno Domini.

At the Mauterndorf Castle ancient history becomes alive when actors perform a journey through time to the Middle Ages – amusement for the whole family guaranteed!

5570 Mauterndorf i. Lungau, Nr. 27
Phone: +43 6472 7426

High ropes course Katschberg

Austria’s largest high ropes course offering more than 200 stations through the tree tops of the Katschberg forest. Adventurers of every age need skill an even more courage on this thrilling course.

Minimum age: 3 years, r
R ange: 1 to 20 metres height

9863 Rennweg, Katschberghöhe 30
Phone: +43 676 6370970 (Martin Seebacher)

Red Bull Ring

65 kilometres distant the Red Bull Ring enthuses motorsport fans.

Next to the Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix several sport events and races take place at the Ring in Spielberg. In addition this location offers a broad range of events like cabarets, concerts or cultural events.

8724 Spielberg, Red Bull Ring Straße 1

Aqualux – Thermal spring Fohnsdorf

If you are looking for wellness and stress relaxation or even if you want to spend a rainy day giving your body a treat your wishes will become true at the thermal spring in Fohnsdorf, 55 kilometres distant Schöder.
The modern thermal spring features over 900 square metres of water expanse, saunas, slides and great fun and relaxation for everybody.

8753 Fohnsdorf, Thermenallee 10
Phone: +43 3573 20 780-0

We let you know that the above-mentioned points of interest and activities are only an exquisite selection of a great number of choices the region of Murau and its nearby neighbouring countries Carinthia and Salzburg are offering to tourist and families of every age.
There are numerous experiences like small museums, castles, churches, hikes and guided tours.

During summer season as well winter season you can choose from a broad range of sports and outdoor activities.

Find further information from the tourist organisation Murau as well as Styrian tourist information and Austrian National Tourist Office.

Enjoy your holiday in the “green heart” of Austria!

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